Touch Typing

Touch typing means being able to use the keyboard by feel, not by looking at your hands.It makes it possible to type much faster, and look at the screen at the same time.It also helps with spelling!

Once you can touch type, the flow of words onto screen or paper becomes automatic, leaving the brain free to concentrate on the creative  process. Increasingly, computers are being used in schools. Coursework, stories and essays are written by word processor – yet most schools in the UK do not teach keyboard skills!

Free and fun is BBC dance mat, but better still is Englishtype Junior.

Englishtype Junior Image Montage

Englishtype Junior Image Montage (Trademark image)

Englishtype Junior is a fantastic programme with 12 lessons and extra modules for spelling and speed practice. It is very motivating with rewards and games (which reinforce skills). Kids love it – and so do adults, even though there is a senior version available. It is designed by experienced teachers especially to support those with dyslexia or dyspraxia,

Buy a version for home use (up to 5 users so all the family can learn) – available from the web site or BUY THROUGH RED ZEBRA FOR THE DISCOUNTED PRICE OF £26 (we get a small commission too). This is ideal for extra practice between lessons, or to teach yourself. Ask for a CD version, or download the free demo from Englishtype and buy the activation code from Red Zebra.

Contact us to discuss your needs and arrange private lessons. Gain a certificate!

Englishtype Junior End of Course CertificateTouch typing can be learned in two weeks, and then speed developed with further practice. Daily practice is best but not essential. Sessions can be kept short and fun.

The time it takes to learn will be repaid many times over.  It is best to learn before the ‘hunt and peck’ method has become a habit which has to be unlearned. Around 8 years old is a good time to start but girls are often ready before boys.