About Us


Red Zebra is the brain-child of Sheila Brooks. Newly formed, but rooted in experience, we are forming partnerships which will enable us to grow into an organisation which supports the needs of people with specific learning difficulties (SpLD) mainly dyslexia, dyscalculia and dyspraxia.  We aim to support people of any age, and their families, as they discover the causes of their difficulties and endeavour to overcome them.

Sheila Brooks is a member of the British Dyslexia Association and PATOSS. She provides specialist tuition in for children and students in local schools, the University of Brighton and at home by private arrangement. She holds an Assessment Practising Certificate.


The same – yet different. Children with SpLD look just like any other child – but sooner or later they start to feel different from ‘the rest of the herd’. Red Zebra aims to help children to feel good about themselves; to celebrate their strengths, release their frustrations and be proud of who they are. We can provide information and support or put you in touch with appropriate specialists.
07784 682256 or info@redzebrahove.co.uk


Sheila BrooksSheila is a qualified teacher with a post-graduate certificate in Specific Learning Difficulties (Edge Hill University). She has wide experience of formal and informal education and development of children and young people. This includes teaching in full time education, providing 1:1 tuition in the south of England and France, supporting SENCOs in a number of schools and a stint in Borneo with Raleigh International. Sheila brings a passion for providing opportunities for youngsters to explore and experience aspects of themselves and their environment.

Sheila is an associate tutor with Edge Hill University and delivers training in Specific Learning Difficulties (SpLD) in London and the South of England.